Ambar is a Co-founder & Chief of Product Officer in ARUTALA. His current role is to lead the vision and direction of the product roadmap and bring to the organization a systematic process and way to structure the inputs to prioritize the product development efforts. He has been exposed to the IT Industry since 2014 as a UI Engineer at PT Citos Connection and builds several startup companies since 2013.

2017 founded Augmented Reality(AR) startup company in Indonesia. CLENOVIO is now changing its name to ARUTALA. Ambar built this startup company starting from the research community with the collaboration of educators, teachers, students of education, and the education community to advance education in Indonesia with immersive technology.

He also won many competitions such as Finalist of Startup Ideosource, Top 12 Startups of Samsung Global Startups Acceleration Program, and Top 30 City Selection of Makerfest Tokopedia. Lastly, he was awarded the Technology-Based Starter Company Program from the Ministry of Research and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia in 2019.

Ambar has graduated from Gadjah Mada University in August 2014 majoring in Computer and Information Systems.


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